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Spring Tune-Up

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1) Check thermostat battery and calibration
2) Inspection of all switches, relays, contactors, transformers and motherboards
3) Condenser coil cleaning
4) Condensate line cleaning
5) Change filters (filters not supplied)
6) Check temperature split (return air - supply air)
7) Check all duct connections for splits, lack of insulation or loose connections
8) Check for proper air flow on both return and supply side
9) Check compressor amperage draw
10) Check all capacitors for proper operation
11) Check refrigerant levels
12) Insure proper superheat and sub cooling
13) Check thermal expansion valve for proper operation
14) Inspection of copper line set to insure proper insulation and free from vibration
15) Check safety controls (high pressure, low pressure)
16) Insure proper startup